4 Detox Drinks that Can Improve endermologie® Results

endermologie® results can vary from person to person based on their lifestyle and maintenance plan. To help improve your clients’ results after a treatment, you can suggest an aftercare plan that includes a detox process to help cleanse the body.

One element of this detox plan is hydration as fluids help eliminate toxins, and rehydrate the body. Drinking lots of water is good, but special detox drinks can provide even better results because of their additional vitamin-rich ingredients.

Below are some detox drinks that you can recommend to your clients to keep them happy with their results and coming back for more business!


1. Cucumber Waterlime-mint-cucumber-water-recipe_small

Cucumbers are known for their anti-inflammatory effect; therefore they are great for post-endermologie® treatments. Cucumber water has extra nutrients not provided by regular water like Vitamin C and antioxidants. It is also very soothing and refreshing. As an endermologie® professional, offer this drink as a relaxing treat!



2. Dandelion Tea118184-400x265-Dandelion_Facts

Dandelions are a great source of Vitamin A, potassium, iron and calcium. As a result, dandelion detox tea is a diuretic that can help relieve water retention and inflammation. One of the best parts of this tea is that it is easy to make and low-cost. All you need is dandelion root and hot water! Click here to see the full recipe.



3. Green Juicespear-cilantro-detox-smoothie

Juice cleanses are popular because they are an easy way to consume fruits and vegetables quickly. Even though they use green vegetables like kale and spinach that are high in nutrients, they also taste great and can be prepared in various ways depending on your taste. Try combining ingredients from various recipes to find your favorite mix today! Click here to see the full recipe.



4. Detox Smoothies18-slim-down-smoothie-TS-174175127

Great for a hot afternoon, smoothies are fun and easy to make because you can use any of your favorite fruits to make your own special recipe. We recommend using ingredients such as berries and ginger because they help stimulate proper digestion. Fruits contain essential vitamins, and those with fiber and a high water content promote healthy digestion and elimination. Click here to see full recipe.


Do you have a detox drink recipe that you recommend to your clients? If so, let us know by leaving us a note on our Facebook page.

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