Best Fitness Apps of 2022

Good health comes with sacrifice and an active lifestyle. You owe it to yourself to feel and look great so you can continue to get the best out of life on a daily basis. And, who said technology and exercise don’t mix? If you’re into both activities, you deserve to have something that’s user-friendly, reliable, unique, and affordable. Check out these best fitness apps of 2022 and find out why they’re popular among people who know the importance of staying fit.

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Charity Miles

Best Fitness Apps of 2022

Are you the type of person who tends to put others ahead of yourself? If so, you may be motivated by Charity Miles, which donates money to the organization of your choice when you use the app to log miles walking, running, or bicycling.

How does it work? Corporate sponsors donate a few cents for each mile you complete in exchange for you seeing their information and branding in the app. Choose from a variety of nonprofits, including Habitat for Humanity, ASPCA, Save the Children, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Unicef, and the Wounded Warrior Project.


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If you want a personal trainer in your ear along with the music you love, you should try Aaptiv. This app has more than 2,500 audio-based fitness classes for every fitness level led by certified personal trainers. Categories include stretching, elliptical, running, yoga, strength training, race training, and more. Another great benefit of Aaptiv is that you can download classes to listen offline, so you aren’t tied to Wi-Fi.

The app itself is free to download, but you need a membership that costs $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year.


How to choose a fitness app

For people who like plenty of instruction and guidance, 8fit brings together meal planning and on-demand workouts. Based on the goals you set, the app creates a personalized program for your diet and exercise. Then you create meal plans, log what you eat, and work out to videos in the app.

The free version is functional but limited in its scope. The Pro plan costs $79.99 per year, $59.99 for six months, or $24.99 per month.

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

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Are you too busy to carve out 30 minutes or more at once to exercise? The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout only requires a chair and about 7 minutes, allowing you to squeeze exercise into your day at the intensity level you prefer.

Suitable for nearly anybody of any ability level, The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout balances information with simplicity for the perfect workout.


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It’s easy to get wrapped up in your strength and cardio routines and completely forget about exercises that improve your range of motion and flexibility. ROMWOD, which stands for Range Of Motion Exercise Of the Day, is a perfect supplement to a regular gym routine, with more than 500 hours of original HD content designed to increase your performance and improve your mobility.

ROMWOD is the Official Mobility Sponsor of The CrossFit Games, USA Weightlifting, Rogue Invitational, and Wodapalooza, so you know you can trust the science behind the exercises. The app comes with a 7-day free trial. After that, it’s $13.95 per month.


Best Fitness Apps of 2022

You don’t need a Fitbit device to take advantage of the app. With a Premium subscription ($9.99 per month or $79.99 per year), you get video workouts, mindfulness sessions, and video recipes. For those who do have a Fitbit tracker, the Premium subscription adds additional features like sleep score details, a Health Metrics Dashboard, and additional personalized data.

Centr, by Chris Hemsworth

Workout with the actor who plays Thor with Centr, by Chris Hemsworth. This all-in-one fitness app helps you do workouts, plan your training, and eat healthy. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or get generally fit, this app can help with self-guided or coached workouts.

Map My Fitness

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If you’re new to fitness want to count every activity – including things like vacuuming and walking your dog – as part of your daily activity, Map My Fitness is perfect. You launch the app and select the activity you’re doing, then the app records calories burned, how much time you spent, and other stats depending on what you’re doing. You can also track your movements using GPS for outdoor activities such as walking, running, hiking, or riding a bike.

The app is free, although upgrading to the MVP membership ($5.99 per month or $29.99 per year for MVP) adds advanced data like heart rate and cadence.

Nike Training Club

Whether you’re new to working out or want to be challenged, Nike Training Club’s workouts on demand can help you reach your goals based on information you provide when you first enroll. Some videos show a trainer doing the exercises with a voice-over giving tips, while others have the trainers talk while doing the activity alongside you.

During the pandemic, Nike has made all Premium content free to everyone, although they could stick some videos behind a paywall again in the future which definitely puts them on the Best Fitness Apps of 2022 list. 

Make endermologie® Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

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You can be confident that these mini personal trainers which fit into your pocket will teach you how to reap the best rewards in return for the time you put in for exercise. Download one or all of these apps now and start living life to the max as you keep the blood pumping and your heart rate going at a healthy speed.

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