Laser Liposuction vs. endermologie®: What’s The Difference?


If your clients have a healthy lifestyle yet still can’t seem to lose those last few pounds or decrease the appearance of cellulite, a body-sculpting treatment could be right for them. As a professional in the med-spa industry, you can recommend a treatment based on your clients’ needs. How do you know which one works best? Here we will discuss the difference between two common procedures: laser liposuction and endermologie®.

How Do They Work?

Although both laser liposuction and endermologie® are technically advanced med-aesthetic treatments, the similarities end there. Whether using lasers or rollers and suction to manipulate the tissues of the body, your clients are going to want to see results. It is important to know what is most important to them – do they want to lose a few extra pounds, or do they want to smooth pesky cellulite? Asking and knowing this basic question can help you achieve your client’s satisfaction. If you want to treat cellulite, choose endermologie®. In contrast, laser liposuction is better for removing fat from specific areas on the body. Let’s explore more.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction uses lasers to help soften and liquefy fat, making it easier to suction the fat from the body. Its main objective is to eliminate fat tissue in specific areas of the body. Furthermore, the heat generated by the laser helps to stimulate collagen production, which promotes tightening of the skin.


endermologie® uses rollers and suction to massage the skin and smooth the cellulite on the body. This works by increasing lymphatic flow and blood circulation, softening the tissue, and stimulating the natural fat release process of the body, all of which act to reduce cellulite. Keep in mind that since lymphatic drainage is a detoxifying process, it is important for the client to drink plenty of water to help eliminate toxins and rehydrate the body.

Other benefits include relief of minor muscular aches, improved skin tone, and radiant glowing skin. endermologie®® should be recommended to improve the uneven look of skin caused by cellulite.

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