Get Inspired: 5 Amazing Exotic Med-Spa Destinations

Every spa enthusiast would love to travel the world to visit exotic spas, experience new treatments, and see the most luxurious environments that satisfy all of the senses. Whether it is a wellness center in Asia or a luxury resort in Latin America, these exotic spa destinations are a relaxing retreat for those who want to travel abroad.

Since exotic treatments are becoming increasingly popular, incorporating an exotic theme or treatment into your med-spa or wellness facility is a great way to make your facility stand out from the rest. To help you get inspired, here are 5 amazing med-spa destinations.

1. St. Regis Hotel & Remède Spa, MexicoSt-Regis-Mexico-City-spa-pool-city-view-sunset

This spa is a perfect example of how you can mix high-tech beauty treatments with an exotic twist. It provides several age-defying and body slimming treatments that use the most up-to-date endermologie® devices such as the LPG® Cellu M6. By combining these treatments with local specialties such as the Aztecan Regenerating Facial, guests get the best of both worlds.



2. Six Sense Spa, Jordanspa1

Since it is hidden within the landscape of the Dead Sea, this secluded spa provides ultimate peace and quiet. By using natural elements like mud from the Dead Sea, this spa is able to provide a variety of body treatments like the Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap. It even has baths with mineral-rich water from the local natural hot springs!



3. Anantara Resort, Thailandanantara-goldene280a6riangle-spa

This spa incorporates Thai massage with rhythmic kneading along the body’s meridian lines and acupressure points, to increase blood circulation. With views of the Mekong River, this spa is an escape from the city life.




4. Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia


If you love Chinese and Indian culture, this spa is perfect for you due to its exotic

herbal therapies. These Eastern methods are designed to help detox the body and relax muscles at the same time. It even has 8 different huts

so that you can find a quiet spot to relax. You will feel in touch with nature surrounded by the jungle and elephant camp.


5. COMO Shambhala Estate, Indonesia


This spa has been featured in several magazines such as Harper’s BAZAAR and Condé Nast as an award-winning choice. More than just a spa, it also offers Ayurvedic massage that uses specific herbal oils to stimulate the circulation of blood, lymph and prana (energy).


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