Here are some of our most frequently asked questions concerning endermologie® :

Frequently Asked Questions

Endermologie® is an effective, safe, natural, and FDA-cleared technique for cellular stimulation via mechanical massage. This non-invasive technique targets the connective tissues of the body and face and provides deep tissue mobilization with no downtime or known side effects.

Our patented treatment devices utilize Independent Motorized Roller (I.M.R.) patented technology for the body, and Motorized Pulsating Flap (M.P.F.) patented technology for the face, along with an aspiration system that gently stimulates the tissues of the body and the face.

Through mechanical massaging, rolling, and manipulation of body tissue, endermologie® helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the skin’s radiance through the fat release process lipolysis.
Body endermologie® reduces the appearance of cellulite and tones patients’ skin by targeting fat layers an increasing elasticity. LPG® patented treatment use an Independent Motorized Roller and Flap technology to gently stimulate the skin. 

By targeting the fatty areas that are the most resistant to diet and exercise, this process offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Improves body contour
  • Improves the appearance of sagging shapes
  • Improves local blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Tones the skin for a rejuvenated appearance

Visible results can be achieved quickly through multiple 15 to 35-minute targeted treatments. Endermologie® body treatments offer a non-invasive and non-aggressive way to provide your clients with extreme relaxation and rejuvenation.

LPG® facial treatment heads utilize patented Motorized Pulsating Flaps to gently provide targeted stimulation to the various layers of the skin.

Like body endermologie®, face endermologie® is a safe, effective, and relaxing treatment that utilizes aspiration and pulsating flaps to stimulate the gentle tissue of the face and neck. This technique naturally boosts collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, which helps improve the radiance and overall appearance of the skin.

Treatment options include 20 to 30-minute classic face, neck, and décolleté treatments as well as 10-minute area-specific, targeted treatments for personalized results. Visible results can be achieved via a series of treatment sessions, and sessions can be combined with other facial services to improve results.

Yes, endermologie® treatments are available for both men and women, including treatments for cellulite, fat, loose skin, sagging shapes, love handles, body sculpting, and improved blood and lymphatic circulation.

LPG® offers a wide variety of aesthetic and anti-aging solutions that are designed to help men improve skin quality, combat tiredness, and achieve a healthier-looking complexion. Endermologie® treatments for men work to eliminate stubborn fat, relax, and improve skin firmness.

Like endermologie® treatments for women, men can achieve optimal results by attending multiple 20-30 minute sessions, or shorter sessions designed to target specific areas of concern. As all men are different and require personalized treatments, sessions can be adjusted to accommodate your patients’ specific needs and desires.
Yes, at LPG® America, our top priority is to ensure our partners are able to easily implement our innovative treatment solutions in their businesses. We do this by offering support in the form of:

  1. Consulting: We will consult with you to help you choose the right products for your business and understand how to get started with your new equipment.
  2. Financing: We want to help you grow your business, not bankrupt you. We work with all of our partners to create a financing plan that meets your needs.
  3. Training: We offer a variety of training programs to ensure you achieve optimal results with your LPG® equipment.
  4. Installation: We provide white-glove installation services to make the implementation process as easy as possible.
The beauty community has embraced Endermologie® due to its proven effectiveness in reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving body contour.

LPG® endermologie® has been covered by a number of notable individuals and publications in the beauty community. This includes Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, OK!, DERMASCOPE Magazine, ELLE, and others — all of which have commented on the treatment’s ability to produce radiant, younger-looking skin.

As a non-invasive treatment for the face and body that helps improve skin appearance and make patients appear slimmer, endermologie® offers several great benefits that have made it the subject of much interest in the beauty community.
No. endermologie® is a non-invasive, non-aggressive treatment for the body and for the face. It can be completed in less than an hour. It is very relaxing and feels like a massage or a facial. You can resume normal activities immediately afterward.
You may notice an immediate improvement in the glow and radiance of your skin after just one session. This is due to an increase in local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. On average, visible improvement begins within 6-8 sessions, and significant results with cellulite can be seen at around 12 sessions. You will continue to experience the benefits of endermologie® with monthly optimization sessions to achieve additional improvement and long-term results.
No. The majority of clients describe endermologie® as feeling like a relaxing massage. The intensity used during the treatment can be adjusted to meet any level of skin sensitivity. The majority of patients report an improvement in the overall appearance and quality of the skin, a reduction in circumferential measurements, improved circulation, and a feeling of relaxation and wellness. The only potential negative effect is very minor bruising, when performed incorrectly with the intensity set too high. This is not a “no pain, no gain” type of treatment. Better results are achieved when the settings are comfortable to the client.
endermologie® is a patented technique and is FDA cleared. Reach out to a professional to learn more by calling 866-374-9401 or visit us online