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What Does Non-Invasive, Non-Aggressive Really Mean?


Treating cellulite has always been a challenge. For decades, different treatments – from non-invasive to highly aggressive – have offered various results. While cellulite is commonly considered aggravating and unattractive, its appearance can be eased by the non-invasive procedures used by endermologie® experts, who provide the least invasive cellulite treatment techniques, which have been cleared by the Federal Drug Administration.… (Read more)

5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Current endermologie® Machine


With the explosion of interest in Face and Body endermologie®® treatments combined with the advances in endermologie® machine technology, now is the time to upgrade your endermologie® equipment. If you have an older model that doesn't include Face endermologie® technology, then you are missing out on additional service opportunities and income. (more…) (Read more)