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The Best Cellulite Treatment Solutions as Ranked by RealSelf Users

As the benefits of endermologie® treatments become more popular with women suffering from the benign, yet unlovely effects of cellulite, more and more clients are sharing their experiences with other women on internet sites such as The site, dedicated to sharing personal stories and reviews about a wide range of cosmetic procedures, provides a forum for social interaction and… (Read more)

Treating Cellulite on the Legs: The endermologie® Approach

The tell-tale appearance of cellulite on the legs is one of the biggest complaints of women who develop it. There is widespread paranoia about developing cellulite at all, but the legs and thighs are especially concerning to many women. endermologie® treatments work so well because they target cellulite where it develops – in the connective tissues of the legs. (more…) (Read more)

Targeting the Love Handles and Stomach: Can endermologie®® Help?

Whether called love handles or muffin top, the sight of that extra layer of fat poking over the top of a favorite pair of jeans will send most women (and some men) running for the nearest pair of sweat pants. These natural fat deposits at the sides and back of the abdomen can sometimes be difficult to treat and reduce… (Read more)

Will Losing Weight Automatically Reduce Cellulite?

Women get cellulite – it’s a fact of life for nearly 90 percent of all women at some point in their lives – even those who are otherwise fit and healthy. While cellulite poses no health risks and most doctors consider it completely normal, most women consider it highly unattractive. As common as cellulite is, there's also a great deal… (Read more)

Treating Cellulite on the Legs and Butt: The endermologie® Approach

Cellulite isn’t a word (or condition) that brings a smile to anyone’s face. Even thin, fit people develop unsightly “orange peel” lumps and bumps on their legs and butts due to genetics and the natural aging processes. While there is no magic cure for this natural build-up of fat and fluid, endermologie® treatments temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. (more…) (Read more)