Will Losing Weight Automatically Reduce Cellulite?

Women get cellulite – it’s a fact of life for nearly 90 percent of all women at some point in their lives – even those who are otherwise fit and healthy. While cellulite poses no health risks and most doctors consider it completely normal, most women consider it highly unattractive. As common as cellulite is, there’s also a great deal of misinformation out there about how to get rid of it. Weight loss alone doesn’t work.

Many women who lose weight may show some improvement in the appearance of cellulite, but for others the condition actually worsens. Noticeable improvements are usually greater in women who are more overweight to start with, and have particularly severe cases of cellulite. Because the dimpled appearance of cellulite is caused by fat cells straining against connective tissue, losing a significant percentage of body fat will naturally alleviate the appearance of cellulite.

Unfortunately, when women with a lower percentage of body fat lose weight, it can actually cause the condition to worsen, possibly because weight loss creates looser skin that make the dimples look more pronounced. Running for the nearest cosmetic surgeon is not the answer, though.

Natural Cellulite Treatment

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Non-invasive endermologie® cellulite procedures really do work – scientific studies validate that claim. While results are not permanent, they are effective in temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite due to weight loss. endermologie® therapists are often asked whether treatments will help in their clients’ efforts to reduce weight. The answer is no – but a program of endermologie treatments will definitely complement a successful weight loss program because the treatments can be targeted at specific areas normally resistant to diet and exercise.

Living Healthy Helps

Healthy dieting and exercise may reduce weight and tone muscles, but neither can solve the problems of cellulite. Even the most glamorous models, despite being very lean, working out and eating well, still have cellulite. A regular exercise program will not cure cellulite – nothing will, so far – but in many cases it can help reduce its appearance. Cellulite occurs when connective fibers underneath the skin become weak or lose their elasticity, but stretching and building muscle in those areas can help.

Eating a well-balanced, plant-heavy diet can reduce inflammation throughout your body and help you maintain a healthy weight. Staying hydrated is vital; drinking water and eating plenty of fresh foods with high water content will also help keep those connective tissue strong and supple.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy body takes effort and determination for many women – including a program of endermologie treatments in that plan is the easy part.


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