The Best Cellulite Treatment Solutions as Ranked by RealSelf Users

As the benefits of endermologie® treatments become more popular with women suffering from the benign, yet unlovely effects of cellulite, more and more clients are sharing their experiences with other women on internet sites such as The site, dedicated to sharing personal stories and reviews about a wide range of cosmetic procedures, provides a forum for social interaction and information to women around the world.


In addition to temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite, all-natural, non-invasive endermologie treatments feature the unique, patented Mecano Stimulation technique. Treatments also relieve minor aches and pains, muscle spasms and DOMS (delated onset muscle soreness), and temporarily improve local blood circulation.

The original LPG® treatment machine was used as a physical therapy tool in medical facilities to ease muscle pain and the pain and discomfort from fibrosis and burn and scar tissue. After being introduced in the United States in 1996, the Cellu M6 was the first machine to receive clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the treatment of cellulite. Today, LPG machines are used worldwide in aesthetic, sports and therapeutic applications.


Nearly 80 percent of endermologie clients from around the world reported to members that their experiences were painless, relaxing and provided them with more than satisfactory results. Here are a couple of examples:

  • A Chicago woman is happily on her second round of endermologie treatments after having had great success with her first program of 12 treatments about two year ago. While she was very satisfied with the quality and length of the results, she admits she should have continued monthly maintenance treatments. However, she said this second round of treatments is “noticeably more effective,” with almost immediate results. This lady from the Windy City highly recommends endermologie and gave the whole experience five out of five stars!
  • Another client from Montreal, QC, enthusiastically says the treatment helped re-shape her waist area, increased her stamina and eased the discomfort of her restless leg syndrome – with the most obvious cellulite improvements very evident after 10 sessions. She says she has been receiving monthly maintenance treatments which are successfully retaining the original results. She gives readers two solid reasons for recommending endermologie: “… it’s a quick, pleasant, painless and risk-free way to refine your contours. Second, seeing the improvements greatly boosted my motivation to keep working out.”

Most of the endermologie reviews were positive and informative, and the clients encouraged others to take advantage of its benefits. Here’s a look at RealSelf’s latest “Worth It” ratings for endermologie and other cellulite treatments.

  • endermologie® 78%
  • Velashape 57%
  • Liposonix 50%
  • Venus Freeze 39%

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