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Treat Patients’ Connective Tissue Pain With Revolutionary endermologie® Treatments

Patients come to a chiropractic office looking for help treating a variety of issues. Often, they have exhausted other avenues trying to treat chronic pain on their own, and by the time they come to an appointment with a chiropractor, the ongoing pain issues have led to frustration or even depression. Fortunately for patients and their providers, there is a… (Read more)

endermologie® FAQ’s: Know the Answers to These Frequently Asked Questions

As endermologie® treatments become more popular with women (and men) of all ages, it’s natural for potential or first-time clients to have questions. Marketing your endermologie services will provide answers to some questions, but it’s vital to be prepared when speaking to people who are interested in exploring this successful, non-invasive cellulite treatment. (more…) (Read more)

endermologie® Medical Treatments You May Not Have Known Existed

The benefits of undergoing a program of endermologie® treatments to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are becoming obvious to a growing number of people. However, few realize that the unique Mécano-Stimulation™ technique provided by endermologie equipment and specialized protocols is also highly effective when used by licensed healthcare professionals as a therapeutic… (Read more)