10 endermologie® Glossary Terms to Know


endermologie® not only employs the latest, unique technology – it employs its own unique terminology. Here is a short glossary of endermologie® terms everyone should know.

This is probably one of the most common terms heard by endermologie® therapists, as treatment involves targeting those areas of the skin where cellulite is obvious. Cellulite is nothing more than fat beneath the skin that pushes against connective tissues, giving the skin a dimpled, puckered appearance.

A non-invasive procedure is a conservative, often natural treatment that does not require any invasion or incision into the skin and there is no contact with the internal portions of the body.

This term is often used in conjunction with non-invasive. It refers to a gentle, yet stimulating procedure that manipulates the soft tissue beneath the skin without straining the body.

Flap Technology
The flap treatment head uses motorized pulsating flaps and two-dimensional (vertical and horizontal) stimulation to refresh and condition the skin. Depending on the pulse speed and the set suction sequence, the flap head creates specifically targeted stimulation at varying skin depths.

Roll Technology
The roll treatment head contains two independent rollers, each fitted with an integrated micro-motor that allows the rollers to move at independent speeds while turning in the same or in opposite directions. This design allows an endermologie® therapist to manipulate a wider variety of skin folds in terms of depth, shape and thickness.

The set of treatment procedures that is unique to the correct application of various models of endermologie® equipment. Each treatment involves following prescribed protocols to manipulate, roll and knead the subjacent soft tissue in affected areas.

These are the parallel partitions of fibrous tissue that divide the hypodermis, or innermost and thickest layer of the skin, into small cavities. Fat cells collect in between the septae, distorting their shape so they pull at the skin. endermologie® treatments relax the septae, which improves circulation while giving the skin a more toned appearance.

Subcutaneous Fat
This is the layer of fat directly beneath the skin, which offers additional protection to the body. While this fat layer is generally considered to be the least harmful in terms of health risks, its protective function makes it resistant to diet and exercise programs.

Parallel Fat
Directly beneath the layer of subcutaneous fat lays a layer of parallel fat. Of the three main layers of fat in the body, parallel fat responds first and best to a combined program of dieting and exercise. This layer is removed during invasive liposuction procedures.

This is the exclusive technique of cellular stimulation used on the skin’s surface to send signals deep into the subcutaneous fat cells and tissue beneath the skin. A variety of protocols is used to apply the flap and roller heads that best stimulate circulation and provide deep tissue massage.

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