endermologie® FAQ’s: Know the Answers to These Frequently Asked Questions

As endermologie® treatments become more popular with women (and men) of all ages, it’s natural for potential or first-time clients to have questions. Marketing your endermologie services will provide answers to some questions, but it’s vital to be prepared when speaking to people who are interested in exploring this successful, non-invasive cellulite treatment.

Does endermologie® really reduce cellulite?

Yes. endermologie® is an FDA cleared, proprietary and patented technique of cellular stimulation; it energizes the connective tissues of the body and face, including those in the lymphatic circulation, skin and blood. More than 140 scientific studies prove that this innovative massage technique temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite.

How does it work?

The exclusive, two dimensional Mécano-Stimulation™ technique uses the unique, patented roll and flap technology. Both components work together to provide a deep, relaxing massage that improves the appearance of the skin while increasing local blood circulation.

How long does a session last?

Most full body treatment sessions last an average of about 35 minutes unless otherwise arranged. Face and neck treatments last about 15 minutes, perfect for a quick, beneficial visit during lunch hour.

Will I lose weight?

A program of non-invasive endermologie treatments will complement any weight loss effort because the treatments can target areas of the body that resist diet and exercise. While treatments alone won’t help you lose weight, they can temporarily provide you with a slimmer contour.

What will I feel afterwards?

Most clients report feeling deeply relaxed, yet with increased energy. The deep tissue mobilization increases blood flow, relieves muscle tension and spasms and increases overall functional mobility.

Are there any side effects?

Because endermologie techniques are non-aggressive and non-invasive, there is no downtime and no known side effects following treatment sessions.

Can ANYONE receive treatments?

No. Certain people, like pregnant women or anyone taking blood thinners, for example, are not candidates for endermologie® treatments. To find out if you are a candidate for endermologie®, please consult with your physician.

Can I have endermologie® if I’m planning Liposuction?

Yes! Plastic surgeons and physicians often recommend endermologie treatments in conjunction with liposuction surgery to minimize post op pain and stiffness and improve the mobilization of bodily fluids. While every patient’s post-surgical needs are unique, endermologie treatments often begin several weeks following the surgical procedure.

Does this treatment work on men also?

Definitely – especially for problem areas such as love handles and loose pectoral tissues. During each body endermologie session, different protocols are followed to help release fat around the stomach, legs, hips and love handles.

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