endermologie® vs. CoolSculpting: What’s the Difference?


Over the years, Endo-Systems has been asked many questions regarding endermologie®, especially when it comes to how endermologie® differs from other non-invasive cellulite reduction techniques. One of the more common comparisons is endermologie® versus CoolSculpting. Let’s explore!


endermologie machine

endermologie® machines use rollers and suction to massage the skin and its underlying layers. endermologie® utilizes mechanical cellular stimulation to trigger the release of fat in the fat cells, smooth cellulite, and stimulate the cells that boost collagen and elastin production to help tone the skin. This full body approach addresses hard to reach subcutaneous and deep genetic fat, as well as improving the surface appearance of the skin. endermologie® improves blood flow, as well as lymphatic drainage to reduce water retention and help flush the body of waste.

endermologie® sessions generally last between 35 to 45 minutes and are administered once or twice a week. Approximately 12 to 14 sessions are recommended, but initial improvement can be seen at around 6 to 8 sessions. During the course of treatment, patients are advised to increase their water intake to assist the flushing of broken down fat and other substances from the body. endermologie® treatments are generally relaxing, feel like a massage, and have no side effects. However, people who are sensitive to pain may experience slight discomfort; if so, ask your technician to lower the power levels. This will not decrease the effectiveness of the treatments.



CoolSculpting uses a device that pulls the fat bulges between two cooling panels in order to freeze the fat cells beneath the skin. Fat cells are damaged through direct freezing and the dead fat cells are then flushed out through the lymphatic system over a few months. There are no long-term risks to the patient because only fat cells are frozen and not surrounding areas. This process is advised for patients that are seeking to reduce pockets of fat that are exercise and diet resistant.

Patients who use CoolSculpting may require multiple areas to be treated and are generally charged for each area. Common side effects are temporary bruising, redness, numbness and tenderness from exposure to the cold.

CoolSculpting and endermologie® may be similar in a few areas, but the procedures differ tremendously. Luckily, there are alternatives to remove cellulite and small fatty deposits on the body that do not require liposuction. These newer methods allow patients to avoid risks, such as infection, pain and down time that have been associated with other types of fat removal without the need for any anesthesia. Please keep in mind that like all other fat and cellulite treatments, maintenance treatments are usually necessary to keep fat and cellulite from returning to treated areas.

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