endermologie® for Sports: Increase Blood Flow and Energy


Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits endermologie® treatments provide, the deep tissue mobilization also increases blood flow, relieves muscle tension and spasms and increases overall functional mobility – all pluses for weekend warriors and amateur and professional athletes. With goals always focusing on the win, athletes necessarily push their bodies to exceed their own limits, training hard to attain peak performance and meet the challenge of conquest.

endermologie®’s unique roll and flap technology softens and reconditions connective tissue, leading to an athlete’s greater range of motion, fewer injuries and a sharp reduction in DOMS (delayed muscle onset fatigue). Since endermologie® treatments also work to expel toxins trapped in the tissue, it helps athletes rid their bodies of the inevitable build-up of lactic acid caused by strenuous exercise.

For Men and Women Athletes

For years, female athletes have appreciated the benefits endermologie® treatments bring to their bodies, both aesthetically and in an overall sense of wellness. However, a growing number of men are becoming aware of the physical benefits endermologie® can bring to them.

endermologie® for men is already most popular with professional male athletes, who realize the importance of the well-being of their bodies. They understand that endermologie® treatments help them maintain the excellent circulation necessary for peak athletic performance, while also helping them recover quickly from resulting muscle soreness or inflammation caused by intensive physical activity. The unique roll and flap technology has played an important role in diverse sports categories for years – from professional football to Olympic-class running and swimming.

Leading Edge Technology

The Cellu M6 is an especially useful machine when working with athletes. The deep tissue roll and lift technology helps to re-energizing sore muscles. It allows for quicker recovery after workouts and helps the muscles regain blood circulation, strength and flexibility.

The unique treatment head comes in a variety of sizes and shapes designed to manage different areas of the body. The rollers rotate in both directions – independently of each other and at different speeds to produce a wide range of actions. Thanks to the nearly limitless variations in available protocols, each Cellu M6 treatment can be personalized to fit each athlete’s needs.

endermologie® has been recognized as a revolutionary treatment to optimize athletic technique, performance and recovery. With its targeted, customized treatment delivered directly to the muscles and surrounding tissues, Sports endermologie® treatments infuse the area with increased circulation while eliciting an immediate positive response.

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