Creating endermologie® Customer Loyalty and Recurring Revenue

No matter the endermologie®® business size, customer loyalty is incredibly important. Repeat customers can spend up 10x or more than new customers. While increasing clientele is always the goal, it’s actually more expensive to attract new customers than it is to keep the ones you are already doing business with. To create and keep customer loyalty, consider implementing a few of the following strategies.

Keep Communications OpenCommunication

Frequent communication with clients not only keeps their treatment experiences fresh in their minds, it allows you to pass along important information about endermologie® advances and follow-up advice. Becoming a trusted adviser builds customer loyalty; being the source for information and updates on endermologie® treatments and technology builds a relationship that leads to trust and reliance, both integral parts of business success.

For example, take the time to set up a database with client contact information such as email addresses, mailing addresses or phone numbers so friendly reminders, birthday greetings, discount or event announcements can be distributed.

Social media is another great way to communicate with clients on a frequent daily basis. Keep posts lively and interesting and don’t forget to include fun reminders or contain useful tips or information in your posts.

Provide Extra Perks for Loyal Clients


One of the best – and possibly one of the least expensive– ways to reward customer loyalty is to provide extra perks for frequent customers. Whether they include treatment discounts, invitations to special events or scheduling accommodations, customers love receiving perks.

Setting up a simple reward system for the most loyal clients not only encourages them to remain loyal, it acts as an incentive for other customers to want to reach that status.

Provide Excellent Customer Service


While this may seem like a given, it’s one tip that bears repeating because of its importance. Customers remember when they’re treated well, and they remember when they’re treated nonchalantly or even poorly. In either case, they usually tell their friends and family, something which means more business or lost business.

With competition rapidly growing within the endermologie® industry, it’s impossible to stress just how important customer loyalty is – both to your reputation and in terms of recurring revenue. Every business owner strives for satisfied customers who will remain loyal for many years to come. endermologie® clients are strong, empowered and knowledgeable consumers. Collaborating with them and tapping into their insight as consumers can only help your treatment facility prosper.

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