How The Cellu M6 Is Changing Lives For People With Burns & Scars

For anyone who has ever suffered a disfiguring or debilitating scar, you know that the recovery process is long, painful and sometimes provides lackluster results. Ask your treatment center about LPG Cellu M6. It is available to centers that specialize in therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments for scar and burn patients. The results that patients have experienced from LPG Mechano-Stimulation provided by the Cellu M6 machine have been nothing short of life-changing.

The Scarring Process

Whether from trauma, surgery, or burns, the skin’s healing process often results in scarring. After a clot forms to create a bond between the edges of a wound, fibroblasts migrate to the wound to synthesize collagen fibers and create a matrix so that epidermization can occur and fully close the wound.

Depending on the wound and the body’s reaction, the healing process can be irregular, causing scarring that can at best be unattractive, and at worst affect function and mobility. Scars may be painful due to adhesions that form during healing, and with large scars it’s not uncommon to suffer a loss of range of movement.

Mechano-Stimulation To Treat Scar Tissue

While manual massage has long been used to treat scar tissue, it is only effective to a certain degree. Additionally, certain scars can be difficult to mobilize manually and the pinching and friction of massage may be painful, especially in the early scarring stages when it’s best to begin treatment.

LPG Mechano-Stimulation with the Cellu M6 machine eliminates both of these challenges. Treatment can begin as soon as epidermization is complete, and a vitropression test can assure that the scar is stable enough to begin treatment. With the various treatment heads and settings, you can customize the therapy so that it is gentle enough as not to injure the skin while being completely pain-free for the patient, even on new and delicate scars.

Benefits Of LPG Mechano-Stimulation

With an appropriate treatment plan and ongoing Cellu M6 sessions, patients can see an improvement in local blood circulation, reduction in muscles spasms and pain.

Add Cellu M6 Mechano-Stimulation To Your endermologie® Center

The Cellu M6 machine offers a wide range of treatments for therapeutic and rehabilitative purposes. Physical therapists and dermatologists that wish to offer their clients scar and burn therapy can grow their business with the addition of LPG from Endo-Systems. Contact us at 866 – 374 – 9401 to learn more about adding Cellu M6 technology to your business.

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