Losing Weight and Reducing Cellulite: Can endermologie® Accomplish Both?

Most women either have or will develop cellulite to some degree during their lives. It typically shows up on the thighs, butts and stomachs of more than 85% of females over the age of eighteen. Ironically, weight isn’t part of the problem – its insidious presence is equally prevalent in women of all shapes, sizes and degrees of fitness. The unlovely, dimpled appearance is caused by nothing more than stored, hard-to-metabolize fat that pokes its way through the connective tissues beneath the skin.


Following a healthy diet, good daily hydration and a solid exercise regimen all encourage weight loss. But because weight isn’t the primary cause of cellulite, dieting won’t help. Age, genetics, hormones and lifestyle all affect the development of cellulite.

Subcutaneous fat is where cellulite develops, and everyone has it. This type of fat is located directly beneath the skin and distributed throughout the body as a protective layer. While this type of fat is the least harmful in terms of health risks, it’s the type of body fat least affected by exercise and diet.

A series of endermologie® treatments will not guarantee a reduction in weight but treatments can definitely complement a weight loss program as the treatment targets specific areas resistant to diet and exercise.


Even though cellulite is a completely benign, albeit unlovely condition (much like wrinkles), it has become a major beauty concern for women across the globe. Naturally, the many arms of the beauty industry want to sell you products or treatments (particularly painful, invasive ones) that are all guaranteed to “cure” cellulite.

Despite the lure of medicated creams, natural loofah treatments, surgical intervention, rubberized pants, body wraps and vibrating machines, there is no cure for cellulite – yet. There is, however, a scientifically-tested and FDA-cleared technology for the non-surgical reduction of cellulite.


A program of non-invasive endermologie treatments will complement any weight loss program because the product-integraltreatments can be targeted at specific areas of the body that tend to resist diet and exercise. The application of the patented Mecano-Stimulation™ massage technique using the latest LPG® technology can help provide the success everyone seeks without risking the pain, bruising, swelling and recovery time so common after invasive surgical procedures.

Losing weight the right way will contribute to a long and healthy life. And combining that healthy lifestyle with a series of soothing endermologie treatments will smooth the appearance of cellulite, improve your overall skin tone, boost local circulation and lymphatic drainage and leave you with a far slimmer contour.

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