endermologie®® is a 100% natural treatment, with a wide range of health, beauty, and therapeutic applications for both face and body. The technique, which acts on the connective tissues of the body, is non-aggressive, non-invasive, with no downtime, and most clients find the treatment enjoyable and relaxing. The results of these multi-session treatments improve skin elasticity and appearance while giving the client’s a sense of overall well being.

LPG® Applications


On Screen Coach

  • Adjustable color touchscreen
  • Step-by-step, timed color graphic protocols
  • More than 60 built-in protocols
  • Beauty / Health / Sport
LPG Scan Application

LPG® SCAN Application

  • Face and body assessments
  • Personalized photo assistant
  • Integrated with the Beauty Menu
  • Recommendations for endermologie® protocols

Sample Treatments based on LPG® Protocols



  • Improve your patient’s whole body with age-defying and skin toning treatments
  • A variety of targeted and customized treatments offered for both women and men
  • Treatments include: endermologie® Glow, Age-defying Replumping, Eye Circles and Puffs

Day Spas

  • Relax patients while rejuvenating their skin, and improving their well being
  • With a touch of a screen over 40 Beauty protocols for face and body are available
  • For face treatments, targeted and customized options are available for face, neck, and décolleté
  • For body treatments a variety of customized options are available to treat aesthetic concerns including: cellulite, fat, loose skin, and body sculpting

Massage Therapists

  • Provide relaxation and rejuvenation for your clients through endermologie® body treatments
  • A variety of treatments are available to treat the following aesthetic concerns: cellulite, fat, loose skin, and body sculpting
  • An entire menu dedicated to sports massage protocols is also included
  • Treatment examples include: endermologie® Total Care, Cellulite Smoothing, Stomach and Waist for Men

Physical Therapists

  • Help treat a range of injuries and improve the wellbeing of patients by using endermologie®
  • Combined Health, Wellness, and Sports menus on both the Integral and Huber® equipment provide a wide range of over 400 exercises, and over 100 combined protocols for injury rehabilitation and more
  • There are applications and protocols for reinforcing muscles used in various sports, increasing range of motion, targeting the symptoms of fibromyalgia, improving lymphatic flow, increasing suppleness, reducing swelling, and treating scars
  • Examples include: muscle lesions, fibrosis, increased suppleness
  • CPT codes may apply

Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists

  • Give your patients the fast, noticeable results they expect with endermologie®
  • Enhance the results of cosmetic and surgical procedures for both body and face by reducing swelling and bruising, speeding the healing process, and giving smoother results
  • A treatment menu of Esthetic Medical protocols has been designed specifically for combination therapies
  • Examples include: Liposuction Pre-operatory, Liposuction Post-operatory, Face edema

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