Designing an endermologie® Room for Optimal Results

A growing number of med-spas and wellness centers accommodate their endermologie® clients by providing them with welcoming private treatment areas. Today’s educated and body-conscious clientele expect to find, in addition to the finest treatment equipment, a unique environment able to generate strong, positive emotions.

Therefore, a room dedicated to endermologie® treatments must achieve the principle of raising well-being to new and more exciting heights by providing clients with comfort-oriented decor. Your aim should be to create the right environment – one that relaxes the mind and energizes the soul – just as you’re energizing the bodies of your clients.

When designing an endermologie® treatment room, function and comfort are necessary considerations. The starting point to a great design is to have a clear understanding of your mission, concept and program. This understanding should dictate all of the design elements within the room.

Remember that the interior design communicates your brand message on a very personal level, a level where clients are intimately interacting with your brand using their five senses. For example, a bright white room is clean, but it can sometimes be too intense. Consider toning it down with a warm, inviting linen color – one of the more relaxing shades of white.

Images are nice. Every item in an endermologie® treatment room should fall under a main goal. You want to project the goal of relaxation while sending the message that your clients are in very good hands. Hang several tastefully framed poster prints around the room that feature various points and benefits of endermologie® treatments.

Don’t forget to practice some basic feng shui when placing your endermologie® equipment, including the treatment table. While your clients should be able to see the door, avoid placing the table so their feet or head directly face the entrance to the room. Called the “coffin position” in ancient China, it’s believed to drain away a person’s good luck and energy.

Finally, create a cozy, private area so your clients can change. Make sure you include a chair, end table, a small lamp and a bowl or organizer to hold personal items like jewelry, keys, and glasses. Hang a nice mirror over the end table so clients can check their hair and makeup after treatments.

As soon as you add the word endermologie® to your services, you build client expectations that must be met through all facets of your brand, especially the design. In other words, you have to take the intangible and present it in a tangible form that’s easily perceived by your clients. And what better form than the classic interior design elements of color, texture and shapes?

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