endermologie® Treatment Times & Profitability: Optimize Success

cellulite treatment device

Cellulite and aging skin are two of the biggest beauty concerns of many women. As a growing number of women learn that diet and exercise alone will not get rid of either problem, many opt for ongoing beneficial endermologie® treatments.

Optimizing Treatments

As your endermologie® business grows, you naturally want to elevate your efficiency and customer service levels in order to provide the best treatments possible for your clients while increasing revenue. As new endermologie® equipment and treatment protocols develop and change, so do treatment times. For example, basic, 35-minute treatments using Cellu M6® Body technology were once somewhat limited in scope, despite using a professional, personal approach. Now, shorter, targeted treatment options allow you as endermologie® specialists to reach a much wider range of enthusiastic clients.

Most, if not all women have an area of their body they are not happy with, so by focusing on shorter treatment times, it’s easier to create a program aimed specifically at those “problem” areas. In addition, women have busy lives, and many appreciate the fact that more dedicated, 15-minute endermologie® sessions give them the desired results in less than half the time of a full session.

How to Fit Targeted Treatments into Your BusinessCellulite Targetted Treatments

Offering new treatments is stimulating for both your clientele and your business. Ask your steady clients if they’d be interested in adding a few targeted treatments to their schedule of traditional body treatments. A series of targeted treatments using Mécano-Stimulation techniques on certain areas of the body or face will improve the look of those areas while increasing your profits. Your clients are obviously open to new cellulite and skin treatment concepts and techniques, so why not offer them the option of further improving the vitality and well-being on areas of concern.

One Success Leads to More

Once you begin to focus on your clients’ priority areas, you and they see the results, which will inspire them to move on to another area. This in no way means that all of your clients who previously enjoyed their longer sessions will forgo them. In fact, thanks to such fast and obvious results, such clients may add the shorter sessions onto their longer ones as part of their ongoing endermologie® maintenance programs. Selling a series of 10 or more 15-minute sessions is encouraging success, but adding 10 sessions to a current treatment program is better.

As endermologie® business owners, you know how important it is to take risks to best serve and expand your customer base. The results you’ll realize by increasing the amount of regular 15-minute sessions will be outstanding – in revenue, business growth and loyal, satisfied customers.

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