How Body Sculpting Works, And Why Your Clients Will Love It

For spa clients who are concerned about stubborn cellulite and fat pockets that diet and exercise just won’t fix, body sculpting from LPG endermologie® is the solution. As the only FDA-approved technology for non-surgical reduction of cellulite, clients will enjoy reduced fat, a slimmer contour, and smooth, dimple-free skin as cellulite diminishes – with no unpleasant side effects from surgery.

How Does endermologie®® Body Sculpting Work?

Integral Cellu M6 offers LPG cellulite treatment and body sculpting using a patented system of rollers and gentle suction to provide cellular stimulation. The stimulation of the connective tissue targets fat cells, encourages elastic and collagen production*, and smoothes the appearance of cellulite. The treatment improves local blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

What To Expect From endermologie®® Body Sculpting

Clients interested in LPG for cellulite should expect 12-14 endermologie® sessions, usually lasting 35-45 minutes, once or twice per week. Many clients begin seeing results after 6-8 sessions, with maximum results achieved after 14 sessions. Most clients report the treatment relaxing and similar to a massage; however, if there is discomfort, the operator can reduce the power level. Unlike liposuction or other fat-reduction surgery, there is no pain, downtime, bruising or swelling. Clients can return to their normal routine immediately upon leaving the spa!

After a complete series of endermologie® treatments, clients will see:

  • Slimmer contour
  • smoothed cellulite
  • Improved skin tone
  • Better local circulation and lymphatic drainage

Thinking About Starting Your Own endermologie®® Business

Stop by and see Endo-Systems at the upcoming IECSC Florida Trade Show! For our current clients and those thinking about getting into the endermologie® business to enhance your current service offerings, please take advantage of the opportunity to stop by booth # 417 and discover what’s new with LPG and the endermologie® business. We will be having live demonstrations, and you can also sign up to experience your own ‘mini-treatment’. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

* HUMBERT P. et al. Mécano-Stimulation™ of the skin improves sagging score and induces beneficial functional modification of the fibroblasts: clinical, biological, and histo­logical evaluations. Accepted in “Clinical Interventions in Aging” 2015: 10.1.17

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