5 New Year’s Resolutions to Kickstart Your endermologie® Business in 2017

Most people take a few moments at the end of each year to reflect on highs and lows – both in their professional and personal lives. The services you offer as an endermologie® business owner are specialized, so your New Year’s resolutions should be the same. Here are a few to help you kick-start your business in 2017.


Make it a point to look back before moving forward. Examine your business’s activity during the last year and build a timeline of key events. Check your website and social media traffic and engagement levels, your financial statements, marketing data and any increase or decrease in clients. Take note of all striking increases and decreases to avoid making the same mistakes or to repeat or increase your successes.


What do you plant to achieve in 2017? Review the notes you made while evaluating last year’s goals, accomplishments, marketing results and growth, and start a new list. It doesn’t have to be long or complex – but it should be based on what did or did not work in 2016. Transfer over any goals you might have yet to accomplish, and add new ones that are important to you as an endermologie business owner. Creating an honest list of pros and cons will help you meet realistic goals for this exciting new year.


It’s vital to stay on top of endermologie industry news and developments, new treatment protocols and what the competition is achieving. Resolve to set aside some time every week to catch up on what’s going on in the endermologie world. Research and follow industry sources, social media channels and websites, and subscribe to newsletters. By staying up-to-date, you’ll not only be able to keep your business relevant, you might just get a jump on industry changes or advances before your competition.


As new technologies become available, so do your options on reaching more potential clients. Integrating some of these options can invigorate your marketing plans. For example, why not consider optimizing your website for mobile users? The average user checks his or her mobile device more than 100 times every day. If access to pertinent areas of your website is slow, confusing or bombarded with irritating pop-up ads, you’ve lost someone obviously interested in your specialized services.


Tailoring your marketing strategy to increase public awareness of your business and unique services will add clients and increase revenue. A growing number of successful businesses are including videos on their websites and social media channels. Videos don’t have to be slick, Hollywood productions, but they can be a fun, creative way to add relevant content to your sites which will engage potential and current clients.

Now that 2016 has faded into the past, greet the new year with new purpose and new resolutions. There’s no better time to reassess your business goals and set yourself up for even more success in 2017!

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