Promoting endermologie® on Social Media Platforms: Tips & Advice

Starting or expanding an endermologie® business is an exciting and stressful process. One of the key requisites of making that business successful is creating an online presence which clearly portrays your skills and services. With the variety of social media outlets available in today’s connected world, depending solely on a business website to attract clients is no long an option.

If you’ve already started your marketing campaign through your website or advertising, chances are that people in your service area are already online talking about it. It’s time to expand the conversation to include the following important social media platforms.


Because of its enormous marketing potential, Facebook is the perfect social network site for setting up a business-to-consumer (B2C) page. Nearly every consumer in your marketing area probably uses the Internet to search for local businesses – and those same consumers are on Facebook.

Luckily, Facebook for Business provides help, tutorials and the tools needed to get your marketing effort up and running. Take advantage of those features, including targeted Facebook ads and the analytics tool.


There’s no limit to the number of daily business-related tweets you can make, but it’s important to focus on creating and following a regular tempo of content that’s relevant to your target audience. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Limit each tweet to one message or subject
  • Include links to your blog, website and social media platforms
  • Add fun, relevant images or videos to tweets

Twitter for Business provides you with how-tos, tools and advice on starting from the ground up.


This site can be a fun, exciting platform on which to expand your marketing efforts. More than half of active Pinterest users click on Pins linked to blog posts, articles and visual media. The trick is to not just show consumers your endermologie machines, show them how they work and let them see visible results. Pinterest for Business provides a full catalog of marketing tools and ideas.


While instantly accepted by Millennials, Instagram is rapidly growing in popularity with older generations – a definite benefit to the endermologie industry. This is the perfect visual storytelling platform for smaller, specialized businesses like yours. Instagram Business offers tools that allow business owners to tell their story and share their unique services and points of view in a creative way.


LinkedIn has grown far beyond being a platform for displaying professional resumes. It’s a powerful, but often overlooked marketing venue that eliminates the middleman. LinkedIn Small Business offers a wide range of tips and tools for setting up your company page, creating adds, publishing customer reviews and more.

Why limit yourself to an endermologie business website when a world full of new clients is literally at your fingertips via social media?

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