Mobi M6 Face endermologie®: Perfect for Mobile Consultations

Wellness-based spa and salon owners who provide endermologie® treatments for their clientele are well aware of the advantages and range of applications available when using an LPG® Mobi M6® for face endermologie treatments.

The Mobi M6 Features

The latest generation Mobi M6 features specialized technology that naturally and painlessly stimulates fibroblasts*, which produce elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. In addition to featuring 40 new treatment protocols for the face, neck, and décolleté́, and patented roll and flap treatment heads that provide the unique Mecano Stimulation technique, this portable endermologie treatment machine can be used literally anywhere you are.

Mobile endermologie® Opportunities

The Mobi M6 is the perfect piece of endermologie equipment with which to open up more business opportunities. Being able to demonstrate the details of your face endermologie treatment services to other spa owners and groups of potential clients in their own locations, homes or at gatherings and special events will allow you a golden opportunity to further expand your services.

A bridal shower, girls’ night in or a home endermologie treatment party is the perfect way to spend a relaxing evening with close friends and to give everyone some indulgent pampering. Nothing refreshes the mind and skin more than a face endermologie treatment with a Mobi M6.

The Benefits of Going Mobile

The mobile spa industry may be growing in popularity, but how many of those companies have the foresight to offer endermologie face treatments? An endermologie spa or salon can be a lucrative business for owners and staff alike, but creating a relaxing endermologie experience in a client’s home is something you may want to add as an extra touch.

Taking the Steps Toward Going Mobile

In addition to having portable equipment in the Mobi M6, another advantage you have is a list of loyal clients who might love having a face endermologie treatment in their home or at a private event.

Get the word out about your new mobile endermologie services to your clients via on-site signage and brochures, and via email, social media sites and through staff referrals. Ask your clients and other local business contacts for referrals for your new service.

Contact local hotels, wedding consultants and facilities and other event-based businesses to alert them to your mobile endermologie service and schedule a consultation and demonstration. Get a feel for each business’s goals (to reward employees, thank guests or clients, increase productivity, etc.) during these initial conversations so you can provide a customized solution or program for them.

Taking your Mobi M6 “on the road” can only present a win-win for your salon, your clientele growth and their businesses.

*Humbert, Phillipe, et al. “Mechanical stimulations and facial skin rejuvenation: a randomized simple-blind study with biopsies”. April 2013.

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