Do You Know the Three Types of Body Fats?

Not all fat is created equal. The human body stores fat in several different layers, each with their own purpose and characteristics. The differences in these types of fat can determine how easily you lose or gain weight, the appearance of your skin, or even your chances of suffering severe health problems.

Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat located directly under your skin and distributed throughout the body in compartments known as septae. The main function of subcutaneous fat is to act as an additional protective layer for the body. Generally, this type of fat is the least harmful in terms of health risks. However, excess subcutaneous fat can result in the appearance of cellulite in some people. While it is possible to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat in your body, it is typically resistant to diet and exercise.

Parallel Fat

Beneath subcutaneous fat lies an additional layer known as parallel fat. Unlike subcutaneous fat, the parallel fat layer typically responds very well to diet and exercise. During a weight-loss program, the majority of fat loss is from this layer. Parallel fat is also the target layer for liposuction procedures.

Deep Fat

The final type of fat is known as the deep fat reserve layer. This type of fat is determined by your genetics, and much more prominent in females than in males. Like subcutaneous fat, the fat in the deep reserve layer is typically resistant to diet and exercise, making it difficult to lose weight in areas with higher amounts of deep fat. Additionally, excess amounts of deep fat can be extremely hazardous to your health, including a greater chance of developing insulin resistance and dementia.

The Role of endermologie® & LipoMassage

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