How to Start a Med-Spa Business: Quick Tips and Advice

This is the year for those interested in opening a med-spa business to be in a better position than ever before. A rapidly growing number of women (and men) of all ages are more eager than ever to enjoy an ever-increasing number of treatments, including a non-invasive cellulite treatment program that keeps them looking and feeling refreshed and glowing. In addition to being one of the hottest enterprises around, a med-spa offers a special range of treatment specialties.

Thanks to the remarkable increase in the number of med-spas, it may seem like everyone is opening one – from general physicians to specialized surgeons. While many want to enter this market, it’s vital to make a med-spa successful by making it differ from the one down the street.


Most people starting a business know about preparing a sound business plan, getting funding, hiring a staff, finding a good location and acquiring qualified, experienced staff and the latest in treatment equipment and supplies. However, here are a few key components specific to starting and maintaining a successful med-spa business:

  • When formulating your vision statement, clearly state the types of services you’ll offer. There is a big difference between offering the non-invasive services of endermologie® treatments compared to including invasive medical procedures.
  • The skills, training, certifications or licenses of your staff and what you want the facility to accomplish also must be carefully outlined, depending on their specialties.
  • If you are not a licensed medical professional, make sure to partner with local ones depending on the alternate or additional services you plan to offer.
  • Be specific enough in all areas of the facility, equipment and décor so you can outline how these details will assist you in creating a successful business.
  • Do the research to insure you are staying well within the legal boundaries of state and local legal requirements when it comes to opening a med-spa and hiring professionals. Every state has different regulations and requirements. Depending on what services you plan to offer, many states can have stringent licensing and facility/equipment inspection requirements.


These are the people you want to visit your new med-spa! Alert everyone within your service area with some advance advertising on local and social media by announcing a grand opening. Advance marketing efforts can include running a booth at a community event where you can pass out fliers, offer discounts on certain services or even group rates. Make sure to have one or more staff members on hand to answer questions and fully explain their services.

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