Consumer and Professional Cellulite Reduction Treatment Devices

Toning skin, losing inches, and reducing the appearance of cellulite are important to your clients. Although the most effective treatments are performed by professional technicians, there are also at-home endermologie® cellulite reduction treatment devices that promise similar results. What’s the difference?

endermologie® Machines

The best endermologie® results are seen at endermologie® centers because of the expertise and training of the medspa professionals. They know how to customize treatments and guide a client’s lifestyle to achieve the best results. At these centers, professionals will use some of the most high-tech devices available from LPG®.

Once your series of professional treatments is complete, your clients may be interested in an at-home device as part of a maintenance plan to keep their skin smooth. The Wellbox® by LPG is a great option. It is similar to professional endermologie® devices in that it works by using motorized rollers to safely and gently massage the skin and reduce up to 20% of dimples in cellulite. The best part is that it comes in two options: rollers for the body, and flaps for the face to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Cellulite is caused by several factors — the accumulation of fat, decreased circulation, water retention, lack of exercise, and the resulting build-up of toxins. A sauna can be effective in cellulite reduction because it helps eliminate toxins from the body via perspiration.

In contrast to at-home saunas, professional saunas come with high-end features. For example, the Vivo Jade Sauna comes with jade stones, which have been known to have healing properties. While at-home devices, such as portable infrared saunas, offer some basic benefits, they also can be dangerous because there is no professional monitoring. Risks include dehydration and overheating; but with a professional sauna these risks are minimized due to the additional supervision.

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