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endermologie® is a non-invasive treatment for the face and body that manipulates the connective tissue resulting in slimming and cellulite reduction.
The benefits go far beyond aesthetics to encompass your total physiological well-being.


After a session of LPG [face endermologie®], one ELLE staffer’s boyfriend commented on how amazing her skin looked. Without make-up.


One of the West Coast’s best-kept secrets, the body “contourier” Megan Simon used endermologie® to make her celebrity clientele look slim, trim and cellulite-free.


Get your skin gorgeous and glowing in time for summer with LPG’s new generation of face peels for radiant, younger-looking skin.
The result? Beautifully smooth skin that glows from the first treatment – and looks better with bi-monthly maintenance treatments. We’re hooked!


Cellu M6® Integral 2 by Endo Systems is a versatile device that offers both endermologie® body and face treatments. Offer clients the complete endermologie® experience in one sitting for an overall more youthful, age defying appearance from head to toe.

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