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Cellu M6® Integral 2

The most versatile device manufactured by LPG®. The Cellu M6® Integral 2 offers both endermologie® body and face treatments. Offer your clients and patients the complete endermologie® experience in one sitting for an overall more youthful, age defying appearance from head to toe.


  • Full body or targeted body treatments
  • Facial treatments delivered in both classic and targeted format
  • Reduction of the appearance of cellulite
  • Increases local circulation
  • Boosts fat release process ‘lipolysis’
  • Increase Lymphatic flow
  • Skin Fitness
  • Reduction in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)


The Cellu M6® Integral design allows for specific targeted areas as well based on your clients’ needs to provide customized services. There are more than 86 endermologie® protocols to choose from. With the new patented Ergolift® facial treatment head, tissue stimulation is increased by 270%!* You get the same benefits offered by the Integral B Body endermologie® plus the enhanced technology offered by the Mobi M6® for face endermologie® all in one ergonomic and cost effective platform. The Integral 2 can significantly expand your treatment offerings, and will create happy clients from the amazing results.

*vs. previous Lift technology


  • Patented technology Ergodrive® and Endermolift® treatment heads
  • New tissue massage +50% for more effective treatments*
  • Adjustable color screen with the treatment protocol coach to aid the operator
  • USB connector for ease of uploading new treatment protocols
  • Ergonomic design, with ease of portability within the salon
  • Naturally boosts our own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production*
  • No pain, non-invasive, non-aggressive treatment, means no downtime
  • 100% Natural, Safe and effective. FDA Cleared
  • Complement to medical esthetic procedures
  • Immediate results-radiant complexion and re-plumped skin from one session
  • Lifestyle application can be done frequently with no negative side effects
  • Easier access to narrow and sensitive areas of the face
  • Visible results in one treatment

*vs. previous roll technology

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