American Cellulite Reduction Center

endermologie® Business Case Study: American Cellulite Reduction Center

American Cellulite Reduction Center, owned by Shira Ein-Dor is located in lower Manhattan. Shira purchased her first Endemrologie machine in 2003. After experiencing a high demand for endermologie® services, she purchased  additional machines. Today, ACRC uses endermologie® as a stand alone and as a combination with other services that they provide. Shira states, “endermologie® is a base for all of our treatments. Ninety-nine percent of our clients will be treated using endermologie® in one way or the other.”

ACRC Marketing Tip

Shira was innovative when it came to marketing ACRC. One marketing method they used was offering complimentary Endemrologie treatments to celebrities. In exchange for treatments offered, ACRC was able to use their name for their marketing and advertising efforts.

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