C 43 PUMP FILTER (inlet)

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These filters are the same filters that the manufacturer and distributors sell with the equipment, however Endo-Systems just gives you a better price.

The C-43 pump inlet filter is a durable long lasting disposable filter. This filter is effective for aMAXIMUM of 1000 hours and has specific instructions for replacement (SEE BELOW). It is suggested not to try to change this filter on your own. This filter is replaced when one of Endo-Systems technicians completes your annual service. We suggest that if you wish to replace this filter you schedule an on- site service with one of our technicians as they will be glad to change this filter as well as service the entire machine and treatment head(s) for you at a reasonable fee.


When you call us to schedule the on-site service we will include all of the equipments filters free of charge.

Should you decide to change this filter on your own you can order the filter through our site without being over charged. If you do not have tools or are unfamiliar with this procedure please do not order these filters. This filter is nonrefundable due to the process of inserting the machined spacer when changing filters. If you have any questions at all please CONTACT US and we will be glad to assist you.  

Common Misunderstandings about this filter:

  • This filter should not be cleaned
  • Replacing this filter will not increase your suction
  • You MUST use the machined on spacer from the old filter
  • There is no need to replace this filter unless an on-site service is being performed

It is important to follow up on the maintenance of your equipment, it is also just as important to clean and change your filters according to schedule. Simply by cleaning and changing the equipment filters and scheduling annual maintenance you decreasethe risk of malfunction and sudden down time by 78%. Another advantage to proper maintenance is the quality of the treatment given to your clients. If your equipment is not operating correctly it will be impossible to achieve optimal results.

These filters are used in the following equipment:

  • ES-1 
  • Cellu M6 IP
  • Cellu M6 ST
  • Cellu M6 Keymodule
  • Cellu M6 Keymodule 2
  • Equine

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