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The “no-shatter” fuse.
This ceramic fuse is designed to protect your equipment and stand up to rigorous use. The fuse is rated 20-amps, 250V to protect equipment from short circuits and power surges. It has a higher interrupting rating, meaning it’s capable of withstanding a higher short-circuit current, and it’s UL-listed. The body is ceramic, so it won’t shatter when the fuse blows. The ceramic also helps insulate the fusible link to not fail prematurely due to heat. Sold individually.

  • UL-listed, ceramic fuse
  • Rated 20-amp 250V
  • Designed for use with LPG brand equipment 
  • Ceramic body won’t shatter, or overheat.

Equipment Compatibility:

  • IP / Uses 2 fuses
  • ST / Uses 2 fuses
  • Keymodule / Uses 2 fuses

For the following equipment click on the link:

  • ES-1  (see 2A 5x20mm fuse)
  • L6  (see 10A ceramic 5x20mm fuse)
  • S6  (see 10A ceramic 5x20mm fuse)
  • Spineforce  (see 10A ceramic fuse)
  • Lift / Lipo M6  (see 10A ceramic fuse)

Additional information

Weight0.05 lbs
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in


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