Wrinkle Prevention: Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Smooth and Youthful

Nobody looks forward to spotting that first fine line or wrinkle, but don’t despair – there are natural alternatives for slowing the effects of skin aging and the wrinkles that come with it. Wrinkles are usually an inevitable part of the normal aging process; elastin and collagen in the skin’s connective tissue eventually weaken and break down.

The development of premature or excessive wrinkles are often caused by external factors, including over exposure to the sun, living in harsh environments, genetic predisposition, lifestyle habits, excessive stress and poor hydration and diet. All is not lost, though – here are five natural ways to reduce the development or appearance of wrinkles.



Smoking not only affects the texture and tone of facial skin, it constricts blood vessels and activates enzymes that break down skin elasticity. While occasional, moderate drinking is believed to have some health benefits, a steady diet of it will cause premature wrinkles, loss of collagen, dehydration and puffiness.



When thinking moisturizer, stay clear of chemical-heavy products. Coconut, avocado and olive oils are natural, deeply-hydrating moisturizers rich in antioxidants. Massaging one or more oils into the skin twice a day will increase suppleness and aid in keeping the skin smooth and soft.



Most people know the importance of exercising the body on a regular basis, but often get frustrated if results aren’t immediate. While medical opinions on facial exercises vary widely, the act of exercising itself will improve the overall condition of your skin.



Before being introduced in 2013, the portable MOBI M6 endermologie® treatment machine first underwent a successful scientific study to prove its specialized design was effective in providing non-invasive, targeted face endermologie treatments. In addition to minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes and face, the treatments stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, refreshing the skin.




Eat a nutritious, anti-aging diet and avoid processed foods and sugar. Drink plenty of water and eat several daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Many foods are rich in the nutrients that produce collagen.

  • Dark green, leafy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and kale are packed with an antioxidant called lutein.
  • Eating at least two tablespoons of beans every day helps produce a vital anti-ageing substance called hyaluronic acid.
  • Red fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of lycopenes, and fruits rich in Vitamin C will increase collagen production.

Skin reflects the health of the entire body from the inside out. While there is no magic bullet to protect the skin from aging, there are fun and healthy ways to keep it looking as young as you feel.

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