What Does Non-Invasive, Non-Aggressive Really Mean?


Treating cellulite has always been a challenge. For decades, different treatments – from non-invasive to highly aggressive – have offered various results. While cellulite is commonly considered aggravating and unattractive, its appearance can be eased by the non-invasive procedures used by endermologie® experts, who provide the least invasive cellulite treatment techniques, which have been cleared by the Federal Drug Administration.

endermologie® is the application of energizing, yet soothing and effective Mecano-Stimulation™ massage techniques, using the latest technological equipment. These treatments, when combined with an overall healthy lifestyle – can provide the non-painful success everyone seeks.

Because cellulite is a multi-faceted condition caused by various physiological and hormonal factors, targeting core structural defects beneath the skin without insult is paramount. There is a big difference between non-invasive and aggressive treatments. Here are a few examples of those differences.

Minimally invasive techniques, unlike other treatments that treat cellulite from the outside-in, involve procedures that treat the structural defects that cause the appearance of cellulite. Examples include mesotherapy, liposuction, and a variety of laser treatments that attempt to change the physical and structural causes of cellulite.

  • Liposuction is a highly invasive surgical procedure performed to remove fat deposits from the body. However, this procedure removes fat from the superficial fat reserve layer, but not the deep fat reserve layer or the deep visceral fat layer. Additionally, cellulite is not removed which lies directly beneath the skin. The American Academy of Dermatology warns that liposuction may actually worsen the appearance of cellulite by creating more depressions in the skin.
  • Many laser treatments also include the need for incisions to treat cellulite-laden areas. The instrument is placed through the incisions and the laser melts telltale fat bulges that cause dimples in the skin.
  • Mesotherapy involves injecting substances such as minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes into the tissue just beneath the skin in an effort to break down fat and slightly improve the appearance of cellulite. Like other invasive procedures, it does carry the risks of swelling, infection, and irregular contours.

Studies have shown that endermologie® utilizes mechanical cellular stimulation to trigger the release of fat in surface and deeper cells. Additionally, cellulite has been shown to become smoother. This approach addresses subcutaneous and deep genetic fat on all areas of the body, and helps to improve the surface appearance of the skin. endermologie® treatments also stimulates blood, giving the skin a fresh, healthy glow.

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