Top 5 Trends in the Med-Spa and Wellness Industry for 2017

With the constant changes in treatments being unrolled for consumers, health and beauty professionals must keep their niche or variety of services fresh and interesting to existing and new clients. One of the latest trends that is expected to continue into 2017 is to pamper clients while helping them achieve their goals. To stay ahead of the curve, here are several med-spa and wellness trends that will help make 2017 special.


In addition to pampering their bodies, many clients are interested in maintaining their treatment results by also treating the inside of their bodies well. Providing nutritional counseling is a trend that goes beyond med-spa or wellness treatments. It can also include offering professional advice on healthy, long-term eating programs.


Massage has always been a favorite of spa-goers, but more and more clients are looking for more personalized treatments. Instead of a standard hot-stone massage, clients may prefer an experience based on their lifestyle or health problems. For example, endermologie® treatments are growing in popularity as ways to ease the pain from liposuction procedures or muscle pain from over-exertion or sports participation.


For years, women especially turned to liposuction and other invasive procedures when they wanted to lose stubborn, exercise-resistant cellulite and fat. However, liposuction is still expensive and has a lengthy, often painful, recovery period. There’s a growing demand for noninvasive, non-surgical treatments such as endermologie. In addition to having a proven track record of success, it targets specific areas of the body, face and hands with little to no discomfort.


A growing number of people are enthusiastic about group treatments. Offering in-house, on-site or at-home treatment options is rapidly becoming the way to go. What began as an occasional bachelorette party has blossomed into a popular service for large groups. Whether you create a private space in your facility or visit a hotel or home, increasing the number of people who can receive the same services at once is a sure way to win over clients.


Women aren’t the only ones who appreciate a little pampering and rejuvenating treatments. Men are increasingly viewing a variety of spa and wellness services as a beneficial supplement to their personal fitness programs. Using non-scented products, offering a male-oriented service such as a relaxing hot shave and making room for a male-only treatment area can expand anyone’s client base.

Thanks to the enormous influence of social media, trends are instantaneously shared around the world. Today’s clients are savvy to what’s worth their time and money, so it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve.

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