The Science Behind How endermologie® Increases Body Circulation

Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite, endermologie® treatments, with their deep tissue manipulation, also temporarily relieve muscle tension and spasms while increasing overall functional mobility – all pluses for any active person. However, not everyone who enjoys endermologie realizes that the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems also benefit from the treatments.

endermologie® Under the Scientific Eye

From the introduction of the first CELLU M6 in 1986 to the latest generation in scientific innovations, the full line of LPG® endermologie machines offer the patented roll and flap technology, a growing set of treatment protocols and years of scientific studies backing the numerous benefits realized by those undergoing endermologie treatments.

Since 1986, both the international scientific community and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which clears, categorizes, approves or denies the use of all health-based medicines, equipment and treatments, have closely examined every new innovation and the overall efficacy of both endermologie treatments and equipment.

Enhancing Blood Circulation

These natural, non-invasive endermologie treatments employ two unique, patented technologies for mobilizing tissue that cannot be reproduced by human hands or other machines. For example, during a treatment session, one of the benefits provided by the exclusive Mécano-stimulation* technique includes temporarily improving blood circulation in the treated areas of the body.

Additionally, the patented roll and flap technology assists that technique by naturally stimulating blood flow in the treated area, increasing circulation by approximately 200 percent. Even the most energetic manual massage techniques only increase circulation at a treatment site by about 60 percent.

Boosting Lymphatic Circulation

Lymphedema, a condition caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system, is most often caused by lymph node removal or damage due to cancer treatment. The main symptom – swelling in the soft tissues of the body, often in an arm or leg, is commonly accompanied by pain or discomfort.


Scientists found that in addition to temporarily improving lymphatic circulation in the treated area, regular endermologie treatments temporarily increase lymphatic circulation in the affected area(s), reducing the swelling and easing the discomfort and pain.

For years, women of all ages have appreciated the benefits that endermologie treatments bring to their bodies, both in overall wellness and aesthetically. In addition to helping people of all ages maintain the excellent circulation necessary in today’s busy daily life, endermologie offers the added benefits of alleviating soreness or swelling caused by a slow or blocked lymphatic system.

* Mécano-stimulation™ of the skin improves sagging and induces beneficial functional modification of the fibroblasts: clinical, biological, and histological evaluations. Philippe Humbert, et al, Research and studies Center on the Integument (CERT), Department of Dermatology, Clinical Investigation Center (CIC 1431), Besançon University Hospital.

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