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Explaining and Selling endermologie® to Your Clients: 101

Not all wellness-based services sell themselves – even those becoming as popular as endermologie® treatments. And not all spa owners or endermologie® technicians enjoy the selling process as much as others may. To some, selling seems like a frustrating process that may end in rejection; to many consumers, nothing is a bigger turn-off than a blatant sales pitch. (more…) (Read more)

Selling endermologie® Services: The Do’s and Don’ts

Endemrologie Business Tips

Owning an endermologie® business is an exciting and fulfilling experience. If you’re new to the business, the following tips on selling your services to the public will be invaluable. Even if you already have a solid and thriving clientele base, there’s always room for improvement and further business growth. So, when potential clients call your facility to inquire about the… (Read more)