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Endermologie Services: How to Add, Promote, and Upsell Endermologie Treatments at Your Business

As a beauty professional, you should always be on the lookout for new ways to make people feel better about the way they look. Endermologie® services do just that; not only do they improve your bottom line, Endermologie® offers treatment for one of womens' most complained-about issues- cellulite. Read on to find out how adding Endermologie® services and treatments to your spa, wellness, or health-based… (Read more)

How to Start a Med-Spa Business: Quick Tips and Advice

This is the year for those interested in opening a med-spa business to be in a better position than ever before. A rapidly growing number of women (and men) of all ages are more eager than ever to enjoy an ever-increasing number of treatments, including a non-invasive cellulite treatment program that keeps them looking and feeling refreshed and glowing. In… (Read more)

Insurance Considerations When Starting an endermologie® Business

Are you aware of all of the risks involved in running an endermologie® business? Running this type of business can be lucrative, but can also come with hidden risks that you may not be aware of. Luckily, there are insurance options that are especially made for med-spas to help manage risks and keep your business running smoothly. (more…) (Read more)