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Top Celebrities Share Their Body Image Experiences

During the days when movie studios controlled every aspect of an actress’s life, celebrities rarely, if ever, spoke candidly about their lifestyles, diets, or exercise and beauty regimens beyond what was approved (and usually filmed) by the studio. Any type of plastic surgery or even non-invasive treatments beyond the occasional product or business endorsement were not only well-hidden, but forbidden… (Read more)

How 4 Celebrity Icons Define Beauty in People and Themselves

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For some women, no matter their age, beauty is all about what’s on the surface: a flawless complexion without the faintest whisper of a wrinkle or line, expensive clothes draped on a pencil-thin, yet well-toned body and the perfect haircut. While the image of the “perfect body” has drastically changed through the centuries, the pressure on women to conform to… (Read more)