Selling endermologie® Services: The Do’s and Don’ts

Endemrologie Business Tips

Owning an endermologie® business is an exciting and fulfilling experience. If you’re new to the business, the following tips on selling your services to the public will be invaluable. Even if you already have a solid and thriving clientele base, there’s always room for improvement and further business growth. So, when potential clients call your facility to inquire about the various services you have to offer.

checkDO sound out a potential client about their motivation and desired treatment program. Find out how familiar they are with endermologie® treatments and offer to address any questions or concerns they may have regarding the initial consultation and evaluation, treatment procedures, fees or scheduling.



checkDO explain the professional training and background of your staff, the types of equipment you use during the various treatment processes and how you tailor treatments to each client’s needs in order to produce the best results. Try to keep your selling style, personality and communication technique in tune with your client. Find a common ground and build on it.



checkDO find different ways to connect with potential clients face to face – and let callers know about them. Hosting events that will spark the interest of the public is a sure way to spread information about your endermologie® services. If you recently added new endermologie® equipment to your facility – host an event so you can demonstrate its capabilities! Spark the interest of people on a regular basis and they’ll want to stay informed on the variety of new and exciting services you provide.



dontDON’T use a cookie cutter approach when promoting your services. Nothing turns off potential clients like a dull, dry sales pitch. If you’re having a love affair with your endermologie® business, spread that love around. Let potential clients know that they can be as excited as you are about the benefits of endermologie® treatments.



dontDON’T deliver a three-hour seminar to potential clients over the phone. They called your facility for a reason and have probably done more than a little research on endermologie® treatments. Friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members who already use your services have no doubt praised your endermologie® sessions to the heavens. Word of mouth is one of the most successful methods of selling your services.



dontDON’T be overly aggressive. While a reasonable number of customers are receptive to hard sell techniques, most aren’t. Besides – the services you offer speak for themselves, right? Always use discretion and intuition when making treatment suggestions or recommendations.



Mastering the art of selling your services takes time, practice and intuition, but it will pay off with increased interest from current clients while reaching a wider segment of the public.


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