Recommended Meal Guidelines When Starting an endermologie® Regimen

You’ve taken the exciting step of joining the millions of women who enjoy the benefits from a series of non-surgical endermologie® treatments. Not only does endermologie help reduce the appearance of cellulite – it also helps circulation, relieves minor muscular aches and pains, and tones and refreshes the skin. To enhance the glowing effects of your treatments, you’ve decided to get serious about starting and following a healthier eating regimen. The best way to prepare and eat meals throughout and beyond your endermologie treatment program is by using your common sense and considering the following guidelines.


After a few treatments, you’re undoubtedly going to look and feel better. Now is not the time to try and rush the process by falling for crash or “trending” diets! They’re nothing but a quick fix that don’t physically benefit you in the least.

And don’t sabotage your endermologie treatments by caving in and grabbing whatever you can on the fly during a busy day or settling yourself in front of the television in the evening. Take the time to sit down and enjoy a real meal, no matter how light. Focus on what you’re eating and eat slowly until you’re full and satisfied – not until the plate is empty. It does take some effort at first to avoid overeating simply because the food is there.


Everything we eat has calories, but it’s natural for people to eat the most palatable foods on their plates before moving on to the healthy choices. Unfortunately, “palatable” usually indicates food high in fat, starch or sugar content. The solution is to do exactly the opposite, no matter how badly you want to dig into that crusty, oily garlic bread. Fill up on fresh fruits, green vegetables and whole grains.

Research tells us we eat far more than we plan to when dining out. Train yourself to perform damage control at restaurants by quickly skipping past appetizers and heading straight toward salads as a start to the meal.

Once you decide on a healthy option from the menu, place your order before anyone else at the table. That way, you’re firmly committed and won’t be influenced by your companions’ orders. Ask the waiter about serving half of your order and boxing the rest for you to take home. You’ll be surprised at the ideas you’ll come up with!

Dedicating yourself to a combined regimen of healthy eating and endermologie treatments can eventually turn into a whole new you, a whole new lifestyle and more enjoyable, beneficial ways to live it. endermologie® and great meal guidelines are the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

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