Oscillating Vibrating Workouts: Do They Work?


Remember the old shimmy machines and images of a large motor with a belt attached noisily shaking people till their teeth fell loose? At that time, it was thought that oscillating vibrating workout equipment would be yet another flash-in-the-pan fitness fad. With much trepidation on the part of the experts in fitness-training industries, whole body vibration equipment has been slowly integrated into gyms and fitness studios across the country. What followed, however, was rather astounding. Whole-body vibration workout equipment actually worked!

Oscillating Vibrating Workouts

Clever design of the equipment paired with strategically-placed stances result in anaerobic workouts performed in short one-minute applications. There’s even a lexicon of terms and acronyms applied to the concept. Whole body vibration, or WBV, has become somewhat of a marvel as medical scientists study the effects of it upon certain physiological disorders. Fitness advocates are hailing WBV as usable in physical therapy and core muscle strengthening.

Below are a few positions to maximize oscillating vibrating workouts.

WBV, when done correctly, is specifically designed to deliver frequency movements for specific time allotments, while clients manipulate their bodies into pre-set postures and actions. The body’s reflex reaction stimulates muscles, and tones and tightens according to whatever body area is targeted. A number of medical research studies have been done on the technology, and proven results indicate this unique approach is turning heads in the medical field. Specific studies show firming of cellulite, toning of skin, improvement of blood flow, and strengthening of core muscles is just the beginning of the benefits of Vivo Vibe equipment. With regular use, muscles are toned and weight is lost in a fraction of the time.

Medical & Research Studies

WBV has caught the eye of medical science. Interesting research studies performed on a variety of demographics indicate medical research scientists are taking note of the unique approach to muscle stimulation. Mental health professionals noted WBV users experience serotonin release, creating a feeling of well-being. Dermatologists believe that regular use improves circulation and boosts collagen generation. Dietitians maintain weight loss is only the beginning and that metabolism is increased. With these professionals all singing the praises of oscillating vibration workouts, new frontiers of medical treatment have begun exploring possible quality-of-life virtues of this method of exercise. Even osteopathic physicians now maintain that low back pain is reduced or eliminated with regular and carefully prescribed routines.

In conclusion, WBV uses whole-body vibration to burn calories and reduce weight while working hundreds of muscles. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact an Endo-Systems representative to learn more about the different types of whole body vibration machine models that are available. We are here to answer your questions and help your business grow!


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