Med-Spa Tips For Start-Up and Business Success


One of the best business practices a new med-spa owner can do is to take a look at their capital, competition, hiring practices, marketing and future plans. In this Endo-Systems’ blog post, we will explore a handful of best practices for starting and maintaining a successful med-spa business.

Research, Plan & DevelopmentMed-spa bsuiness research and planning

    • Consider your capital and make sure it can sustain your new med-spa for the first year of business.
    • Remember that while marble looks great, the same investment can buy a hair removal salon service or other equipment that can bring more revenue into your business.
    • Check with other physicians who have developed successful med-spas and cultivate their information.
    • Spend 5 minutes each week reading all internet profiles of med-spas on a par with yours.
    • Become a member of the top organizations that relate to the med-spa industry and determine those who can help a new spa with:
        Business planning
        Dealing with regulatory issues, insurance and finance

The International Medical Spa Association has a valuable mentorship program for new med-spa owners.



Best Hiring Practiceshring-med-spa-employees

      • You cannot be all things to your new med-spa endeavor. Hire for your shortcomings, and find employees who can do the job better than you.
      • Try to avoid hiring relatives or friends.



Keep the Momentum Goingmed-spa-business-practices

      • Have a love affair with your new business.
      • Believe in what you are doing.
      • Don’t let your business become stale.
      • No matter how successful your med-spa may become, do not become lazy with your marketing.
      • Always pursue new ways to increase your customer base.
      • Consider what clients and patients will find when they search the internet for a med-spa. They should find your new med-spa business generously posted across social media profiles and local directories.


These are only a handful of suggestions that can help any new med-spa business owner run and start a successful med-spa. Endo-Systems is committed to the ultimate success of all of our clients. We are here to help your business grow! If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our representatives for assistance.

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