Med-Spa Marketing Ideas For Success: Grow and Succeed


The med-spa market is growing at a fantastic rate, but opportunities to expand both your business and your future still abound. As with most businesses, the tricky part about developing a winning marketing technique is in the planning. Being open and accepting to new technical developments, products, protocols and trends – both within your industry and in marketing is always an advantage when you have goals in mind.


Following current marketing trends will not only give you an almost limitless supply of useful ideas, it can ensure you have an inside track on where future trends are headed. Your endermologie® clients are informed and educated professionals, homemakers and other business owners. They’re seeking the best your industry has to offer in order to accomplish the results they want.

Successful med spas that specialize in endermologie® treatments are continually identifying new trends and quickly implementing them as part of their programs. It’s important to do this well before your local competition does, so don’t hesitate when launching a new service or protocol. You want to create a competitive action, not a competitive response.


Successful locations do more than only open their doors in order to have clients flocking in to book appointments. Successful spas have savvy sales and marketing programs that are implemented consistently and always with an eye to the future.

Your marketing program should generate leads while your sales technique captures those leads, converts them to consultations and then to loyal clients.

Growing your med-spa is your goal, so why not offer educational seminars to prospective clients. This makes them feel part of a club, and it can relieve any concerns about receiving endermologie® treatments. Broaden the invitation to include several of your repeat clients. Their presence and input are valuable selling tools.

Complementary endermologie® demonstrations are also effective because they allow clients to experience new or specific treatment protocols and watch new equipment in action. When a client becomes familiar with your procedures, initial apprehensions or timid curiosity transforms into eager interest. The results can pay off in quality referrals, which are gold mines.

Consider expanding your target audience. The age group of those seeking non-invasive procedures will continue to expand to both younger and more senior patients. Younger clients are becoming more aware of the important role of early anti-aging intervention and older clients are staying in the workforce longer and want to look more youthful.


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Everything changes, especially in our profession. New products and procedures are flooding the market and competition is growing, especially between privately owned spas and large national chains. Dig in your heels against change and the parade will pass you by. There are constantly evolving methods of getting great results but no way to stop time.

Remain open and flexible, avoid old routines and challenge yourself!

Embrace each new development and treatment protocol with enthusiasm and dive into learning all you can about what you’ll be offering. Let your clients and the public know about every new development. When your future is at stake – new is good, routine is history.

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