Mastering a Perfect Ambiance While Treating Your endermologie® Clients

Providing your endermologie® clients with a welcoming, comfortable experience is the goal of every spa or salon owner. Beyond the reception area, however, it’s vital to extend that warm, relaxing ambiance into your treatment areas. Here are a few ideas on creating the perfect treatment environment.


When welcoming your guest into your endermologie business, offer a selection of natural antioxidant teas, juices and fruits.  This creates a warm and welcoming environment from the start, plus it sets the foundation for creating an endermologie regimen for your clients.


Nothing is less relaxing than trying to enjoy endermologie treatments while laying beneath the same harsh fluorescent lights used in hospitals and offices. Consider recessed ceiling lights controlled by a dimmer switch so you can adjust light levels for each client. Why not scatter a few flameless candles around the room? They’re nearly as relaxing as real candles, and far safer.


Typically, paint colors inside a salon or spa are defined by the style or theme of the business. While subdued tones of nearly every color is suitable for your treatment room, how they’re combined can make or break your clients’ experience. Each color and tone emits a specific energy. When combined, they create ambiance. Subtle earth tones or blues, greens and violet promote calmness and relaxation, while neon orange or blood red can create nightmares.


  • An inviting seating area is easily created with the addition of a comfortable chair and an attractive end table. Include a few plants and a traditional wooden coat rack in that area of the room for a homey feel.
  • If the floor in your treatment room is tile, linoleum or even painted cement, consider covering it in one or more luxurious rugs or runners that complement the wall color(s).
  • Every endermologie therapist needs storage space for equipment and supplies, so bring extra warmth into the room by choosing attractive wood dressers, shelving or cabinets.


The first impression potential clients notice when entering your business isn’t merely the interior design – it’s also the smell. Nothing enhances an endermologie experience like a treatment room that smells heavenly. Choosing the right, subtle scents can induce relaxation and fond memories. Try to avoid heavily-perfumed commercial products and use an essential oil nebulizer or diffuser.


The music that flows through your spa sets the energy level for each space, so it should vary according to the mood you’d like to create. Why not stock up on a variety of soothing nature or music CDs and ask each client her preference?

Don’t be shy when looking for ideas to create the perfect environment in your treatment room. Ask friends, clients and co-workers for their opinions before finalizing a decision. Fresh eyes and ideas can make all the difference in perfecting your treatment area!

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