Los Angeles’ Body Care Professionals: New endermologie® Equipment

Body Care Professionals have long been a client of Endo-Systems. They are one of the leading enermologie wellness centers in Los Angeles California. Recently, they added the newest member to their LPG endermologie® family, the Cellu M6 Integral. The Cellu M6 Integral machine is the latest generation LPG device that offers the most advanced LIPOMASSAGE and ENDERMOLIFT techniques for precision facial and body treatments.

The owners of Body Care Professionals, Pamela and Torie, had this to say about being part of the endermologie® family.
[quote ]As owner/operators we have been extremely satisfied with every generation of LPG’s products. We are looking forward to experiencing endless possibilities using our Cellu M6 Integral. Today, with so many different lasers and surgeries being available, our loyal clients truly appreciates LPG’s technology that is 100% natural! Torie and I would like to thank all our satisfied clients for supporting our program, which is all about their Health and Wellness, along with other owner/operators of LPG’s products . LPG’s precise technology evolves with every generation of machines. We are proud to be a part of this elite group of professionals and having the opportunity to bring our clients the experience of the LPG’s innovative expertise.[/quote]

If you are interested in learning more about the Cellu M6 Integral endermologie® machine, please feel free to contact one of our seasoned LPG professionals. Endo-Systems is the exclusive dealer of all LPG Equipment and Products in the United States. We are here to help med-spa owners and wellness centers grow their business through the use of endermologie® and other wellness equipment.

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