Learn How to Capture Market Share in $200B Age-Defying Industry

According to Transparency Market Research, the global anti-aging industry will be worth nearly $200 billion by 2019. Boomers equate a large portion of this market in the U.S., as both investors and consumers. Younger generations are on board the beauty train, seeking new treatments and solutions.

Who Doesn’t Want to Look Beautiful, Naturally?

This growth is big business for spa, health spa, medspa and medical center owners. Today’s consumers are savvy, they have a mountain of information at their fingertips to research products and treatments. There is a growing demand for all-natural, non-invasive treatment options that have documented results, and stellar reviews.

Endermologie® by Endo-Systems Meets and Exceeds Consumer Demand For Non-Invasive Treatments with Zero Downtime

Endo-Systems is the exclusive authorized U.S. distributor of LPG® technologies, the creators of endermologie®. Created in France, these age-defying treatments involve gentle and targeted stimulation of the skin using LPG’s unique technologies such as the Integral, Mobi 6, and Endermolab. Learn more about our latest products!

Clients see results after the very first session. Facial benefits include a natural boost of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production*. This results in the skin having a re-plumped look with a healthier complexion. For the body, endermologie® helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, improves local blood flow and lymphatic flow, and helps sculpt body contours.

endermologie® Offers FDA Cleared, Effective Treatments   

The positive effects of endermologie® have been confirmed in more than 140 studies carried out by researchers and professional experts. Additionally, all LPG® treatments have been cleared by the FDA.

Currently, endermologie® is in use in 110 countries around the globe.

We help spas, medspas, medical and health centers take their profits and customer loyalty to the next level after adding endermologie® to their existing services and treatments.

As a partner with Endo-Systems, you receive:

  • Consulting
  • Financing
  • Training
  • Installation
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy

You have a real partner in your business with Endo-Systems. We want you to succeed while offering proven results to your clients. Providing treatments that relax and rejuvenate, and above all, deliver age-defying results, is a powerful combination for success.

There is a wealth of information on our website, and you can request a consultation by completing a form online. Feel free to call us, too, at 866-374-9401.

*According to the Philippe Humbert Research and Studies Center on the Integument (CERT), Department of Dermatology, Clinical Investigation Center (CIC BT506), Besançon University Hospital; INSERM 2013

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