Keep Your Med-Spa Customers Happy: Offer Endermologie!

Med-Spa Quality Customer Service

As your business grows, it is always important to take some time and think, “Are your customers happy?” If yes, what are you doing to ensure they continue to be happy? If the answer is no, what issues should you address to ensure your customers are happy?

What most businesses don’t know is that it costs five times more to get new customers than to keep your current ones. Making small changes has a huge impact on your wellness center. For instance, if you invest in new products and services catered to your customers’ needs, it can make the difference between high churn rates (a loss of customers) and keeping your clients happy, loyal, and repeat business.

Want to keep your customers happy? Start by investing in endermologie.

What Is Endermologie ®?

This non-invasive treatment helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. The endermologie® technology uses a patented roller system and pulsation technologies to help tone skin, improve the skin’s radiance, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. endermologie® was the first technology worldwide to gain FDA clearance for the treatment of Cellulite.

How Does Endermologie® Work

Using LPG® patented treatment heads, our devices are equipped with Independent Motorized Roller (I.M.R.) patented technology for the body, and Motorized Pulsating Flap (M.P.F.) patented technology for the face, along with an aspiration system that embraces a skinfold to gently stimulate the tissues of the body and the face. By doing so, the system activates deep tissue mobilization, which helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Apart from enhancing your skin, the method also helps to improve lymphatic circulation. It’s non-invasive, leaves no visible bruising, and isn’t painful – like other competitors’ treatments.

endermologie® is a multi-session treatment with typical sessions lasting 15-35 minutes. With many, short appointments, business owners can make loads of appointments each day and ensure repeat customers.

Endermologie® in Your Business

Want to help your customers reduce the appearance of their pesky cellulite? Offer cellulite removal services with endermologie® products. As a body treatment, it’s all-natural, relaxing, and won’t cause painful side effects.

Read on and learn how to keep your customers happy.

Provide Quality Services

To keep your customers happy, let them know that your goal is to offer customer satisfaction. Make sure that you offer quality services consistently.

Also, you need to streamline the booking process. This reduces the time your customers spend in the waiting room.

Train Your Staff

Since endermologie® requires training, only qualified professionals can use it. By training your staff, they will understand how to use the equipment to help your clients regain their sexy, smooth bodies.

Be Kind

When you are kind to your customers, it has a lasting effect and helps to create a long-term relationship. As such, they will spread the good news about your services to their families and friends.

This translates to an increase in customers, brand awareness, and revenue.

Add Value

If you offer the same services as your competitors, you won’t stand out. To stay ahead of your competition, come up with unique endermologie® packages. Design each package to target a certain target market or demographic so you can create a valuable package that satisfies everyone’s needs.

Improve Customer Service

For consumers, customer experience is more important than the product or price. In fact, 55% of customers confirm they will spend more money if the company gives them a great experience. To improve customer service, you should have many options like a live chat, phone, social media accounts, and email.

You also need to train your employees to handle complaints and respond to customers on time.

Adding Massive Value with Endermologie® for Customers

endermologie® is suitable for many people, including stay-at-home moms, busy moms who do not have time to work out, women with cellulite, or women and men looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, it is suitable for men and can help people with connective tissue pain from sports or exercise.

Looking for endermologie® products to offer life-changing services to your customers? We at EndoSystems can help. Contact us today and learn more about getting started with Endermologie®.

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