How to Use Google to Obtain New endermologie® Business

Getting the most from your endermologie® business website goes beyond great Google rankings on the national level. How many clients on the other side of the country do you realistically expect to schedule an appointment? On the other hand, local rankings and reviews can significantly increase your client base. Using Google tools for advertising is a great marketing strategy for those endermologie business owners determined to expand. The proven success of using these types of targeted marketing strategies encourages all types of business owners to advertise using Google. Here are a few tried-and-true ways to use Google to your advantage.

GOOGLE ADWORDSadwords-endermologie

Simply put, Google AdWords is an advertising platform that allows businesses with an online presence to have their ads run on a Google search results page. Google ads are clearly visible at the top and bottom of any page listing search results. You have the option of creating an account using your current Google account, or creating a new account specifically for use with Google AdWords.


THINK LOCALgoogle-local-business-listings-services

According to Google, about one in five online searches are aimed at local businesses. One of the best methods of reaching more clients is to get your business seen by those working or living in your area. Another tool to consider is Google My Business. Listings are free, easy to manage, and should be considered by any small endermologie business wishing to promote itself locally.

Google My Business is basically a search tool that organizes results around predetermined locations based on your business profile. When potential clients look for an endermologie spa or salon, the search results include a list of local businesses featuring your services.

You need a Google account to get started, but once your business profile is submitted and confirmed, your listing is usually active within days. Google My Business also includes your pertinent information on Maps, Search and Google+, so potential clients can find you using any Internet-connected device.



Any good endermologie website includes a blog, several pages featuring the types of services available and more focused on equipment and procedures. The key is not only including your SEO-friendly business profile, but taking care to include appropriate tags and keywords throughout the site. For example, as an endermologie business owner, you might include the terms cellulite, endermologie, non-invasive, or endermologie treatments.

There are endless possibilities when using these Google tools – it’s all about considering how potential clients might try to find your business.

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