How to Create an endermologie® Loyalty Program

As important as it is to attract new customers to a wellness spa featuring a variety of endermologie® treatments, it’s equally important to retain the customers already loyal to the business and to encourage them to visit more often. At first glance, the idea of a “loyalty program” might seem unusual, but customer loyalty can be a great asset for any type of wellness-based business. These programs are also fantastic ways to attract and keep new clients.

When people think of loyalty programs, they often think of a tiered program such as “Buy 9 desserts, get the 10th free.” That approach may work as well for a business focused on endermologie® treatments – especially as a marketing strategy for gaining new clients. However, a variety of other ideas might be just the ticket for keeping long-term clients happy and interested.

When done right, rewards programs are a win-win for everyone involved. Customers receive rewards for their patronage, while revenue increases through more frequent visits or an increase in the variety of endermologie® treatments scheduled.

Developing the Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs deliver outstanding financial returns by motivating guests to visit more often. However, one loyalty program style does not necessarily work for all endermologie® providers. Given the number of program options, consider these factors when formulating the program that’s right for your business:

  • Which program will best engage and encourage customers?
  • What type of program best highlights the business’s concept and brand?
  • What kind of program can the staff execute most effectively?
  • Which one will help you achieve the financial goals set for the business?

Getting Started

Starting a loyalty program doesn’t have to be complicated, but it takes commitment to implement, actively promote and maintain the program. Most successful loyalty programs are based on some type of point system, although each

Consider creating a comprehensive promotional/marketing campaign complete with fliers, posters, announcements on social media sites and in-house counter cards to announce the member benefits of the new loyalty program. Blast existing clients with a series of emails announcing the program and offering them the opportunity of early enrollment via the business website.

Provide prospective members with a simple online membership application that gathers or confirms contact information, birthday, email address, and favorite endermologie® treatments. The program can even be jump-started by offering an incentive to new clients just for enrolling. Consider offering a reasonable discount on a treatment a new client would normally try first.

Keeping it Fresh

Never forget that new clients and regulars require completely different retention tactics. Once existing clients redeem points, they’ll naturally look forward to more rewards. New clients may be induced to become regulars during an initial visit, but have to be encouraged to stay. Remember to keep the program fresh in your customers’ minds by changing up the rewards and mentioning it on all social sites and advertising outlets.

There are many ways to shape and structure a loyalty rewards program, but the most successful efforts have these points in common: keep it simple for both clients and staff and always tailor the rewards to enhance your brand.

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